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  1. Hey guys where is the fully loaded bundle my licence manager has it listed there and i run the install but when i run the pod hd500x edit it doesn't show up? what am i doing wrong? I've seen a vid and I should have orange or 80 but its not there Bogna shiva isn't either? any ideas I'm doing something wrong I know I am
  2. Will this allow me to use my distortion from my blackstar? Do I have to turn cabs off etc or will doing this bypass the amps? Thanks for reply
  3. Hey Guys I'm trying to set up my fire hawk to my my backstair ht-5r. I've connected up using 4 cable set up. guitar to guitar in firehawk out to fx return on amp. fx send to fx return on firehawk FX send to input on amp Now when I play the guitar the amp sounds are that of the presets but I want to use the valves of the amp and not all the presets what do i need to do currently the fx sounds are going through the amp and it bypasses the amps valves please help
  4. Hi Guys Whats Changed In Version to update fx100 please I can't seem to find anything?
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