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  1. Friends, Just got my HD500X and am very pleased with its versatility and sound. I'm trying to emulate patches from another piece of gear but am confused on some of the settings. The old gear has a Multi-tap delay. Was hoping that multi-head delay could do the same thing. I'm looking to set taps or "heads" to the following intervals: 200ms, 400ms, 600 ms, and 1000ms, but I could not find individual timing settings in the 500X. Is there a way to achieve this? Also, I wanted to set the parametric EQ to match: 6300 hz Q 2.0 Gain +6 How might I approximate that specific setting? Thanks for any help you can provide. SR
  2. Friends, I recently upgraded from an HD300 to an HD500x. To convert patches that were important to me, I went here: http://www.jzab.de/content/pod-hd Downloaded and ran the software on my Mac. But, it only seemed to convert from 500 to 300. I'm looking to convert from 300 to 500x. Any suggestions on accomplishing this would be greatly appreciated. SR
  3. Friends, I know this is unlikely, but thought I'd ask… My trusty Digitech Control One footswitch had a great feature that I'd like to emulate. When switching between two patches, the last patch would toggle the previous patch. So, if I stepped on patch A, then patch B, future steps on B would alternate between A and B. This saved a lot of confusing foot movement for songs where I was using only two patches. Is there any way to program the HD300 switches to mimic this functionality? SR
  4. Hi Folks, I'm a new user, and it appears that POD HD300 Edit (a wonderful program) has taken my system down twice in the past week. I believe it was a kernel panic and it happened after unplugging the HD300's USB cable. Running the latest version of HD300 Edit on OS X 10.8.5 with 20MB corei7 iMac. I did see some discussion of this problem elsewhere on the net, but I did not see a solution. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. SR
  5. Hi Bill, Yes, the VFX is a very cool unit. Do you still have yours? There is one factory patch I'm trying to replicate: Pedal Synth. Do you have any thoughts on setting up something like that on the HD300? Thanks for the shout out. SR
  6. Many thanks, UG. I'll look for that in the setup. I appreciate your tip.
  7. Hi Friends, I'm new to the HD300 having just traded up from a Digitech Valve FX! Using the Edit program, after I've tweaked a patch's effects parameters, I go back up and change the amp type using the rotary wheel. After changing the amp, I notice that all of the effects/settings below change along with the amp. That is not my intention. Is there a way to "fix" or lock the effects settings so that I can experiment with different amp tones and not lose the effect settings I've just established? Thanks for any suggestions you can provide. SR
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