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  1. Hi. I've been reading through the forums and trying to wrap my head around a couple of JTV 69 mods before I go in on them. I have the 69 in black with the black pickguard. Essentially I'm trying to make the entire guitar black and make this unique guitar truly stand out. So far here are my thoughts and I'd love to hear feedback/advice from folks that have done some of these things. 1) replace black pickguard with white trim with an all black pickguard. (greasygroove?) 2) put black pickup covers without holes on SSH pickups (need info/feedback on holeless pickup covers and replacing them on JTV) 3) replace chrome 69 knobs with black 89 knobs 4) replace chrome tuners with hipshot black tuners 5) this last one I'm especially ignorant about-replacing bridge/or painting it black? Any help you can offer or input woudl be awesome. The guitar is out of warranty and I've read a bunch on this forum already. Thanks if you have some info. I'd love to post some pics when it's finished.
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