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  1. Sweet, so all looks good. I just have one question: my current amps all suffer from the "ice pick" thing, where the treble is just too harsh to be comfortable with. Does the HD500 suffer from this problem?
  2. My apologies if I'm rambling, I'm just really tired haha.
  3. Hey guys, so due to some emergency stuff, I had to spend a lot of money; this means that I probably won't get the DT50 or 25. I'm looking now at a used HD500. I want some versatile tones; think Steve Howe. (You can tell by my username that I'm a pretty big Yes fan.) I would like some great jazz tones, great crunch tones, great metal tones, and some great effects. I say "great" because, with all the things I hear about the HD500, I really can't settle for just good, haha. Also, I would like to do some volume swells with the pedal. I'm thinking of going direct to FOH. Where I live, in Toronto, there's good sound reinforcement at a lot of venues, so monitoring shouldn't be a problem. Now, I did go around asking some guitarist friends what it will be like playing direct to the FOH. They all said that I won't be very happy. Unlike the DT thing, however, they might be right, and this might not be the Line 6 hate talking, because what I want to do isn't very conventional as opposed to using amps. It's something I've never even seen happen, so I can't tell what it's going to be like. How easy is it to go direct to FOH? Would it be possible to get a consistent tone from venue to venue? Any advice on this matter is appreciated. The POD seems to be the ultimate balance between tone, portability, and cost. And this is really important: I would like to buy something that'll last a long time. Literally everything I've bought, amp, pedals, guitar, is falling apart.
  4. Hey guys, So unfortunately, some emergency stuff popped up. In short, I might not be able to afford the DT50 or 25.
  5. That was what I was thinking. Related question: Should I buy the HD500 along with the DT50? I can expand my budget by that much.
  6. I can't handle my Blues Junior anymore. And to be honest, I can't handle my Spider either! I've been looking for alternatives, and I went to try out other amps a few days ago. The DT50 was a clear winner; I love the clean, chimey tone of the third option, and the brutal distortion was much better than the other amps I tried, including the Tiny Terror. But when I mention on other forums that I'm thinking of the DT50, everyone kind of acts weird. One person thought I was trolling when he saw that I was thinking about buying a 1000 dollar Line 6. Personally, I really like it. Is there something about the DT50 that's making everyone act like this? Are there better options between 1000 and 1500? The DT50 is on sale for 999 at a store near me...
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