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  1. Problem solved... If you're using Windows 10 you can still just download the old Windows 8 version & it works fine. ** A tad bit disappointed with the Line 6 support I must say, as I posted my inquiry a week & half ago and still there's been no feedback at all. Glad to have figured it all out on my own!
  2. Hi... I've just tried to download the windows 10 editor software onto my new computer (windows 10) & it says there's nothing available off the Line 6 official page. Whats going on here?? Just trying to hook up my amp via usb as I did with my old laptop (which is not working atm) that had the edit software I downloaded from the Line 6 site, and use the Spider Valve mk ii edit and do some preset mods as I did in the past. The error message I get on the screen reads: " At this time there is no software available that matches your selection " Please help!
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