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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply that's very useful! I take it that in turn means that you can't connect two Marshall cabs to a spider 3 then? (Unless you only want use two speakers in each cab which is pointless)? Cheers
  2. Hi All Apologies if this seems a slightly "basic" query, but after having read a number of the threads on here I am still not clear and wonder if one of you more knowledgable chaps may help me out. My problem is I have a line 6 spider 3 150w head and I want to connect it to my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet. Quite simply, how do i do this? Do I need one or two speaker leads? I have read some advice saying you can only ever use two leads from a spider 3, but the back of the Marshall specificaly says dont plug leads into both cab inputs? Please can someone answer this once and for all, and also clarify which setting the switch on the back of the 4x12 should be? Many thanks in advance for you help!!
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