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  1. I did the same exact thing to mine and I replaced the PCB just like yours and now the leds dont light up and the text box just has a black bar going through it.
  2. So I purchased a line 6 spider iv HD 150 halfstack about 3 years ago. It worked perfect until I was an idiot and I pluged an Ethernet cable into the FBV Pedal input going to my computer. I dont rember why I did this but its to late anyway.This fried one of the chips on the Power PCB and smoke rolled out of the back of the amp. Then it sat for 2 years and I finally found the part and put it in. Now when I turn it on the led's on the user interface and the text box has a black bar going through it.do I need to replace the other PCB or the transformer? Please help!? I would have had warranty work done but my warranty expired the day before it happened.
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