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  1. Hi Folks ,' My current rig is as follows : Guitar > Xotic RC booster > Firehawk in . My current backline amps are : Peavey classic 30 x 2 , Line 6 Spider valve MK1 . No problems whatsoever with any one of the three amps ( Poweramp in on the Spider ) , instrument in on the Classic 30's ; until I try to run any two of the amps in Stereo . Then i get a loud LF 'AC' hum . I haver tried separate AC supplies for all three devices , but no dice . Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in advance !
  2. I am a podxtlive user of some 8 years , and 2 weeks ago I ' Upgraded ' to the Firehawk FX . Today struck my first MAJOR issue - the LCD brightness ( or lack of it ) in a outdoor setting . Luckily I'm only using 3 or 4 patches for todays performance, or I'd have been completely blinded . This is totally unacceptable , Line 6 . I am going to email your customer support to request a firmware update which allows a user to brighten the LCD display by 5 - 600 % . Or I'm going to return the unit and demand a refund . Latency , slow response with ios 9 and getting to grips with the save data modes ( which are cumbersome and slow ) I can live with . Not being able to see WTF I am doing in the middle of a performance I cannot . And no , I'm not relying on a phone or tablet whist onstage . I'm really quite disappointed with this . I assumed that 8 years after my xtlive purchase I'd be getting a unit that was a marked improvement ( no , I'm not spending the big bucks on a Helix , as I don't perform often enough to warrant the purchase ) . It srems I was mistaken ...
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