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  1. Anybody ever use of it? How was it?
  2. Is there an amp in the worx that will be symbiotic with helix even with tablet control and all the bells and whistles?
  3. So some manipulation of the amp cab and mic IRs is possible? If so which and how?
  4. Do FRFR heap hones exist, in ear monitors maybe? Looking to work some tones without waking the house up and or just rehearsing.
  5. I'm thinking I might have to make 2 separate setlists with the same presets one normalized for stidio/direct and one normalized for combo front. Tedious but it should get the job done. Thoughts?
  6. Ok now that I understand IRs, let me ask if there's any way to manipulate the IR volume itself in the edit software? By the way, things are beginning to make sense.
  7. Ok here's a newbie question. What does IRs stand for?
  8. I don't suppose there's anyway to assign my XLR outputs as studio/direct and simultaneously assign my 1/4 inch outputs as combo front? This would allow me to send my signal to FOH (XLR studio/direct) and use my little combo (1/4 inch combo front) as a monitor on stage.
  9. Studio EQ wprks at the end of the signal chain to normalize patches. Howevwr for some reason if I change my set up from plugging straight into FOH to plugging into my little tube combo , the patches aren't even anymore. I of course also swith the outputs from studio/direct to combo front.
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