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  1. frankiebell

    nono sends to stereo returns

    So it would be send 1+2 in stero and return 1+2 in mono. This would allow me to control two effects from my aux's on the console.
  2. frankiebell

    nono sends to stereo returns

    I am trying to send two aux mono aux from my console and then return those to the stereo return on my console. I switched send and return 1 to line level
  3. frankiebell

    nono sends to stereo returns

    I would like to send two mono returns to one stereo send, is that possible. I need to have two effects sends from my console return to one stereo return on the console. Is this possible. I am able to send one mono return to one stereo send but I would prefer having each mono return rout to one stereo send on the helix.