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  1. Hi, i'm using my G10 for 3 years without any problem at all. Then I was in formed by Line6: Attention: Important Safety Notice, which you do not ignore. So without checking this forum (stupid me) I updated the transmitter and receiver to the new firmware, nothing fancy, update worked like a charm. But after plugging in the G10 nothing worked and the G10 seems to be bricked. I never respond to any forum, but just to let you fellow bricked (or not properly working G10's) users know and to let the Line 6 Experts know that there are a lot of users who do not reply on these kind of forums, because they already see the mass responses to the failure. I am one of those. What annoys me the most is that this would not have happened if we were not warned at all. Obviously you do not want to burn down your house, but you also do not want a useless product after an update. So to support the "complainers". LINE 6 please fix this a.s.a.p. And yes, I submitted a ticket (still waiting a response)
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