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  1. Is this feature set of the Spider IV similar to a Digitech Whammy in it's capabilities? Can i make my guitar sound like a bass with it? Can i cover Jack White/Tool/Audioslave/RATM songs with it? After getting screwed hard on a used Spider III im considering purchasing a IV and would appreciate some user imput on this seemingly desireable feature.
  2. I've already factory reset the amp in an attempt to cure the problem to no avail. Somebody please help!
  3. The title says it all. I recently bought a used Spider lll 120 Watt 2x10 in nice shape from a local music shop. It came with an FBV footpedal. It worked fine when i tested it in the shop, but when i got it home and plugged it in it didnt fully come on when i threw the switch. The preset screen lit up and had eight black blocks in it. None of the other lights worked (amp model lights,effects lights, tap tempo etc.) but then i turned it off and immidately turned it back on and everything worked fine. This phenomenon is repeatable. So what's up with my amp? I appreciate any help/advice anyone can give me.
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