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  1. Personally, my favourite sounds are the Reso models, especially the last one on position 5 of the pickup selector! The acoustics are great although I have found that new strings help.
  2. Ah thats probably just what I need! Im not gigging and just wanted to keep it safe, its out and just gathering dust and risking knocks at the moment. Thanks!
  3. What case would you guys recommend? Im guessing just a standard Strat style case would do just fine? Cheers.
  4. Ah thanks. Would a Pod XT Live suffice? Found one cheap and was wondering because its obviously dated now and was built with the older Variaxes in mind. I only really want something that covers the digital output so that Im getting the best signal possible, most of my modelling etc I do through the computer.
  5. Hi there! Delving back in the world of Variax...I used to have a 300 many years back but unfortunately did not get on with the instrument itself...sounded great though. Just purchased a Variax standard. Got it partly because of those acoustic tones...much more convenient for me in terms of recording. I have a very basic question...I believe you can use a regular lead yes? Exactly how much sonic degradation would one get by using it instead of the digital lead? Im not sure this digital lead is included with the Variax but I guess I will find out soon enough...would I need another Line 6 product to use the digital lead or are there other options? Cheers for any help.
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