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  1. oh yeah........BTW, another funny thing is most of the sites ive seen out there....they are installing and working on a.....MAC the videos where they are working on a PC are choppy, missing sections and make it look like magic! Poof i just got it to work guys! i have to laugh! thanks
  2. yes and i just did another one i own a ton of line 6 gear, more than a normal gigging musician......i know computers inside and out. but i just cant seem to get any help....... my issue is whatever daw i open native up in either crashes or opens up the native splash screen but will go no farther and if i try to force it.......CRASH! its actually funny, because ive NEVER had a problem with any plugin ed
  3. Ive been trying for 3 days.....a million websites and can find no one that teaches the full and complete way to install Native!Line 6 support is total crap, ive written letters......and gotten nothing in return. i have a Floor Helix, HX Stomp, and other assorted line 6 products......Fractal and Kemper........they have better support and customer service. im going to ask for a refund and im done with line 6........not 1 program loads and operates properly. They come in my opinion almost tied with IK Media and Bias.........both company customer service sux!!!!!
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