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  1. I’ve got the switching working. When I hit FS1 line A amp (dirty) turns on and Line B amp (clean) turns off and vice versa. however when I’m on my tread plate amp on line A, I still am getting what seems to be a clean signal beneath the dirty tone. The interface shows line B off. But when I go into the mixer and turn down the fader on line B it goes away. What am I missing?
  2. I'm trying to figure out if I have 2 amps in a preset if I can assign a footswitch to switch between the two like you would a 2 channel amp. I don't see an a/b switcher in the effects. Or would I assign both amps to 1 footswitch turning one on and one off as I press it?
  3. I ended up using the flash method using my Ipad (though it took a couple of trys) and it seems to be working a lot better! My other issue is that when I run the Line 6 updater on my Windows 10 machine (by the way it downloads great if you use chrome and not the MS edge browser) it does not see the TT. how do I get it to recognize it? I had it connected via USB and made sure it was in my account as a registered product.
  4. I just got the Amplifi TT and I really like it, but the Bluetooth disconnects a lot, so I need the updated firmware. When I go to download the updates, it says it is corrupt and won't go any further. I've turned off the window explorer protection thing like the page says to do before you download, but with no luck. I've tried 2 different computers with window 10 with the same results. Any ideas?
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