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  1. Hi there! I have a question regarding the AM4 amp modeller. I know it's possible to save 4 presets, via the 4 stomp-buttons on the pedal, but will each different EQ/gain/level setting be saved within the 4 patches? So that footswitch 1 is a clean twin, for example, number 2 is a 'on the edge of break-up', number 3 a boost preset and number 4 a solo preset. Will the 4 different presets be able to have 4 different settings? Thanks! :-)
  2. Hi there! Haven't used this forum for awhile, but thought it would be the right place to ask this questions ;) So, I'm a long time Boss user and have used their GT-10 for quite some years now. I've always found it easy and great sounding, once you get the basics properly layed down! Now I'm thinking of trying out something different, to see how that sounds and what I can do with it. I've therefore been looking at the Pod HD500X. I'm looking to fully use the amp and cab modellers in the unit too! I've done so on the GT-10 as well. But I have a question, before I start digging deeper! Well, the best feature the Boss GT-10 has is the ability to assign effects to CTL footswitches, and also assigning more than one effect to one footswitch. Therefore it's really important for me to know if the Pod HD500X can do the same thing? For example - starting out with a clean amp, chorus and reverb, then later switch the amp to an overdriven amp, turn off chorus, add delay and a comp. Will something like that be possible?? And can it be done within ONE footswitch? I play in a Partyband and we play a lot of different songs, so I have to be able to switch between sounds like that. And it has to be within one patch also. I'm not looking to have one patch for clean and that stuff and then another for drive and solo. I hope this makes sense! Thanks :)
  3. Thanks for all your information! I'll go and try some different Line6 Effects out, soon! :-)
  4. Hi there :-) I'm kind of curious about the Pod HD Pro or HD Pro X. And I have some questions I hope some of you can answer for me :) First off, what's the difference between the two units? Another important feature I need to be able to do, is to assign different effects to different footswitches. As far as I can see an read, I'm able to assign effects to the footswitches, but can I assign more than one effect to one footswitch?? For example, turn on a chorus pedal, turn off an overdrive pedal and switch the amp from overdrive to a clean amp. I've also been looking at the Line6 FBV3 Controller to control the features of the HD Pro/HD Pro X. Anyone using that particular model? Last question - how's the reaction time, when switching through patches? Is it quick enough? THANKS :)
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