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  1. My amp is not connected to any PC, never has been, so that's not an issue. I did the 5 second hold on the "A" button, but it goes right into the "reset" message, So I don't know if that helped. The more I use the process of illimination, it appears that I can set my first preset on any of the four letters, but then when I try to set a second one, it wipes out the first one. So basically it's only holding one preset at a time.
  2. Ok thanks for your input, I guess for $50 I may invest in that pedal. Is there a video showing how to upgrade the firmware along with a list of how many upgrades there have been since 2014? Thanks again
  3. Do not have that pedal. Why would you need it just to update any software ( which I never have ) This amp is at least 8 years old and paying a technician to look at it is probably not worth it.
  4. That seems to be another problem, I can't save to any of the four presets. I don't use a lot of the factory installed presets, but when I find one I like, it just won't save. Another problem I was having that may help someone else, I usually always use this amp through the headphones jack, and that too is very inconsistent. What I found is that I have to use a 1/4" TRS cable from the headphones jack, and split it into two channels on my mixers with the cable shown attached. The other end of the cable is a TS connection, and if you do this you will get a nice stereo sound for the presets that are actual stereo. Just make sure you pan the two channels hard left and right in the mixer.
  5. This amp is driving me nuts. I haven't played in 6-8 years and I'm trying to get back into it. The volumes on this amp are all over the board, some you can barely hear, and others blow your brains out. That includes presets. I'm trying to just do a factory reset and see if all the volumes will go back to some kind of normal level. I hold the "A" button then power on, then push the "presets" button just like the manual says. NOTHING CHANGES. This amp is unplayable when the volumes are so screaming high on some and virtually dead on others. The A, B, C, & D buttons also do not reset and have the same volume issues. What is wrong?
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