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  1. bcowie

    Looper fixed block

    That makes sense if it comes down to dsp allocation. I still have an hd500 and I use the looper all the time for quick phrase practice or to tweak a sound. But the way the Go is set up it’s pretty much useless even for that. Too bad. I do have a Digitech looper for more serious looping, but I appreciate the convenience of the hd500 looper for spur of the moment quick looping. Anybody know if the stomp xl looper has these same limitations? Makes my upgrading decision a little tougher though. I’d love to upgrade for sound quality but am unsure about the Go’s usability vs the hd500. I fear I’ll be disappointed (but a helix is too much $$). Anybody make that switch … and how did it go? thanks.
  2. bcowie

    Looper fixed block

    Any chance Line6 will ever move the looper to it’s own fixed block on the PodGo? Here’s my problem (if I understand correctly). I set up a patch with 4 effects - like a compressor, overdrive, delay, and reverb. Pretty reasonable patch. But now I want to use the looper to practice, or perform. Can’t be done unless I change my patch. It’s not like my patch is unreasonably complex … it’s a pretty basic patch. But I can’t use it with the looper because I have to give up a block. It seems strange that you might have to change your patches just so you can use the looper. Too bad it’s not an independent fixed block. I have an HD500, and I’m seriously considering the PodGo, but this is a significant issue to me.
  3. Thanks, line6bbd, this makes sense. I'll look into it. I'm going to hook it up tonight to HD Edit and poke around too. Sometimes is easier to see stuff through the software. But, knowing that this can be done, I suspect that this is what happened. Now it's just figuring out what kind of control I have over that pathway.
  4. I just went direct XLR - to - PA, plus a 1/4" out to a Carvin AG100D as a monitor. This has happened at home too, where I just go into the same Carvin amp. I always use the same guitar and (almost always) the same cable. As I said, I have never had this happen with my Boss GT-10 unit (which I set up exactly the same), but it's happened a few times with the POD - mostly at home (this was the 1st time I've played out with the POD). There were no hints of trouble during any of the practices or the sound check, or even through the first half of the set. It was sudden, lasted about 30 seconds, and then everything worked fine after that. I might have to send it in for service. My fear is that since it happens so infrequently, it won't happen when they test it ;) But it makes me very hesitant to play out with it again.
  5. I have downloaded a few patches where I noticed that the volume doesn't cut out completely when I zero the volume pedal. What I discovered was that these patches are dual-amp, with amp B is disabled. (If I try to enable an amp in Amp B I get a DSP limit error, but that's okay). The funny thing is that the volume pedal kills the volume on Amp A, but there's still sound coming through the disabled amp B. When I turn Amp B to "mute" in the mixer, it mutes. But the volume pedal doesn't affect it. I've just muted the disabled amp block, or reset the patch to a single amp path. But now I"m curious. 1. Is it normal for volume to be coming through the disabled amp B path? How is this accomplished? And more curiously ... why would you do that? 2. Is it possible to assign the disabled amp to the volume pedal? I can't seem to figure out how to do that, since it seems that you have to have an enabled amp in order to go in and assign the volume pedal to it.
  6. Every now and then my HD500 just cuts out ... no volume anywhere. It's rare and very random, so I can't figure out how to reproduce it. It just happens. It happened when I was playing today. Everything was working in soundcheck, including all the patches I was using. In the middle of the set I switched patches for the next song and ... nothing! Everything was on but ... nothing. I tried some other patches ... nothing. (and the band just played on). Just before the second verse started, the sound came back. I wasn't doing anything but toggling back and forth between patches and randomly the sound came back (fortunately I had turned my volume down so it wasn't a sonic disaster). After that, everything worked fine for the rest of the set. This has happened three or four times over this past year (since I've owned the unit). It has never happened with my other (Boss GT) mfx unit ... ever, so I'm pretty sure it's the Pod. Any suggestions?
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