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  1. My Amplifi 150 device is not working. Symptom = powers up and does nothing except showing 4 tone lights + dim representation of the bluetooth light. Volume knob renders nothing (no red indicator level lights). I have tried unsuccessfully doing a Factory Reset procedure (powering up while holding down volume knob and tone button) multiple times - with no luck. The amplifier just went out of warranty in December, so I can't take it in for repair without investing further in what has so far been a disappointing purchase. I tried opening a support ticket, but the Line6 system throws me into an endless loop (register profile + register product - both of which are done, but evidently not recognized for some reason by the support ticket workflow process). Most other posts on the forums indicate success at least with the Factory Reset, so I'm essentially stuck. Any ideas? PS - I'd be happy to work on a software/firmware update via direct connection, but my only available home devices are Mac OS or iOS platform.
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