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  1. Thanks! :) I'll try it out with a pedal boost and post the results!
  2. Hi there! I want to use an onboard preamp (EMG PA-2 if it matters) on my guitar to push the front of my amp - going full-blast at 20 dBs of boost. I'm using a G30 wireless (which is why I want the preamp on my guitar - clean/dirt/solo all at with the guitar controls alone!). Will the G30 be able to handle that amount of gain without going into digital clipping? Has anyone tried this? Thanks!
  3. I'd suggest you move the in-ear transmitter away from the G30 reciever, and if the problem presists send your reciever to the Line6 guys for troubleshooting :)
  4. Hello, I'm thinking about buying the FX100 as a solution both for home recording and rehearsals. I'm using guitars in various standard tunings (i.e. standard, two-steps down, 4-steps down and so on). I couldn't find an answer in the knowledge base so, Does the FX100 has a pitch shifter in it? Not a harmonizer, but a pitch shifter that will allow me to change tunings with the same guitar. Thanks :)
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