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  1. I'm back to no music connection again. I have tried the Bluetooth forget / reconnect idea repeatedly with no success. I would just connect the headphone output of the ASUS tablet to the aux input on the Amplifi 75 and turn off the media audio in the BT settings, but doing that disconnects the connection to the Amplifi 75. I don't want to have to go through install / reinstall of the remote software every time I want to use my Amplifi.
  2. Did the forget BT connection - restarted the tablet and did new connection - now playing music! Thank you!
  3. Yes - the songs are stored on the ASUS tablet and visible through Amplifi Remote - Can play them through the tablet speaker via Amplifi remote when I turn off bluetooth.
  4. Have latest Amplifi remote software from Google Play running on ASUS Memopad (Lollipop 5). Amplifi 75 runing device flash 2.50.2. With Android tablet, I can connect to the Amplifi and manage tones, but cannot play music from library. Everything works as advertised when I use iphone version of the remote software. Want the bigger screen on Android tablet. Am I missing something obvious?