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  1. I use Reaper, Amplifi TT as my sound card, Cool for playing over backing tracks off youtube etc... also
  2. I have had one for a couple years. Love it, used it mostly as a late night, baked, headphone session. Also I use studio monitors with a sub. Recently (after having it so long Duh) I noticed an amp out in the back and plugged that into my Vox AC15 and really enjoy that. I think the Amplif floor would be better, it has an expression pedal.
  3. For just rocking out in the living room the Android works well. Kind of a pain to do some recording considering I do that with my PC but control Amplifi with my phone or tablet. Need Amplifi Remote to work with PC One device to rule them all!
  4. Great news! Amplifi works with all my other modeling software as well. Amplitube, Guitar Rig, TH2 they all sound great. Seems to bypass Line 6 modeling software when using the others.
  5. I have decided to keep the TT, my conclusion is that this thing is cool. I am the owner of tube amps and other modeling software. The Bluetooth is flakey with my Samsung Note 3 but flawless with my Note 12.2 Reaper was simple to set up and use with it. I have some JBL monitors running through it when I wont disturb anybody and headphones for late night. Amplifi needs to put out a remote that works with windows!
  6. Uber, I use a Focusrite and Reaper, I plan on experimenting with those today. I get crappy sound when I use the Focusrite in conjunction with my Guitar Rig 5. I usually record with Guitar Rig, not the best but it is the easiest for me when I just want to throw down a quick rhythm and jam over it. So far I really dig the tones just not ready to dump my guitar rig on ebay yet.
  7. Ok, I am the proud owner of a nice Amplifi TT. No issues pairing and operating with Android Tab and phone. I have it installed on win 8 and can see it as playback/recording sound device. How do I record with it? Is there a link to a tutorial? Wish it had a cab out, that would be cool to use it as a head also.
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