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  1. No luck, all my distortion still sounds like this: https://clyp.it/0loip4yl Sorry, the forum wasn't allowing me to upload it for some reason :/ Now with a preset I downloaded from this video: https://clyp.it/ztbe3tfg
  2. No matter what I do, I always get terrible distortion, sometimes all fuzzy. I even downloaded presets to test them, and they all sound the same (terrible). For instance: I downloaded that patch and it SUCKED BIG TIME when I tried it, and no matter how I tweaked it, it didn't sound any close to the video. Am I retarded?
  3. The title says it all. I can't get my PC to recognize my POD without the drivers that I wanted to install on Monkey, but the problem is there's no option for the POD HD500x drivers. Help please!
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