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  1. I have tried using My Helix Floor with my Orange Rocker Verb MKIII using the 4CM The issue I have is this. When I use the 4CM template I loose all preamp control of my amp IE: Gain channel and Clean Channel volumes control nothing all the way up or down still same volume. Volume knob on Helix is the only thing that controls volume. When I make a new preset the channel volumes work however there is a HUGE power suck unless I have the helix volume turned all the way up. With the Helix volume at halfway I can turn my amp to all the way up and its like its working at 10% power. If I go guitar to amp direct you cant be in the same room with the amp at halfway. I called Line 6 support and I could hear the Doe in the Headlights look' The Tech said 4CM template is perfect to start with but it clearly does not work with my amp He also said it may be my amp however if I use pedals ( Memory Man, Exotic Boost ect) in the Orange FX loop they work with the amp just like it should. I assigned the Helix FX Look and outputs to Instrument lever and have tried Line Level with the FX loop on the Helix and no change. Can anyone help me here Thanks
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