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  1. I might just be having a brain fart here but how do I remove a tone from the hardware banks?
  2. Maybe using a DI box from the headphone jack to the head of an existing half stack? Just looking for any work around or any way at all to run this through my Marshall half stack. Gotta wonder why there was no line out feature in the first place. Seems like a very basic feature to include. Any ideas? Has anyone done this successfully yet? Thanx, Mark
  3. So "My Tones" that I have saved with my iphone and the tones that are saved on the Amplifi amp will need to be uploaded to the cloud first then downloaded to the Firehawk? Is this correct? I would need to manage two different apps, two different libraries of tones, and two different devices! I don't understand why there wouldn't be an "Amplifi"compatible footswitch that would take the same tones I have saved to my amplifier. Something in the same software with the choice between "Save To Hardware" Amplifier or Footswitch. That would make so much sense and be so easy. Why would Firehawk not be able to do this?
  4. So I've recently purchased the Amplifi75 and am loving the ease of use with the ios app for creating and editing tones. Absolutely love it! It is so easy to set up tones and save to banks, move tones around, etc. I have rehearsed with it and and mic'd the amp and it actually does very well. I still do not have a footswitch so there is that 1/2 second delay as I tap between the tones I want on my iphone connected to the mic stand. I was extremely close to purchasing the FBV MKII Shortboard until I read about the upcoming release of the Firehawk FX footswitch. This is a game changer for me and I have a couple of questions. - Will the tones I've already created and saved be easily transferred to the Firehawk FX? - Will I be able to have the Firehawk editing software open as I am playing live to view the tones and Banks I am selecting? - How does the software work side by side with the Amplifi software? - Can I easily save the same tones to my Amplifi75 as I would to the Firehawk FX? I am completely intrigued with this product as it seems to me it will be pretty much identical to Amplifi in terms of tone searching and editing with the app. Also, if this is so, I could play those exact tones through my Marshall half stack and turn around and practice with the same tones on any small amp. The Amplifi amp would serve as a portable or usable amp to practice or play around on when I don't feel like dealing with the footswitch. Am I correct in the way I see this working? Thanks for continuing to release awesome products!! ---- Mark
  5. I have an Amplifi75 and have been loving the ease of use for finding, editing and storing presets. Especially the wireless aspect of it all. I was wondering if there are plans to release a head unit to be used with a cabinet in the future? It would also be nice to include a direct connect feature for times when bluetooth is not working correctly. Thanks, Mark
  6. What is the best setting to use on an Amplifi amp with an alternative effects board? I have a Digitech RP500 and would sometimes like to use this with my very portable Amplifi 75. What is the best setting to use on the amp for this? Thanx, Mark
  7. Thanks for the response. I will be returning the Express pedal and purchasing the Shortboard in the near future.
  8. I've recently purchased the Amplifi 75. I have upgraded to the latest firmware and have saved many tones on my iphone 6 app. On the amp hardware the first bank is the 4 default presets. I have saved 4 new tones in the 2nd bank but when I tap a tone in 2nd bank to start playing, as soon as I step on one of the four foot pedals it defaults back to the first bank. How do switch to other banks and switch between the tones? Is this pedal capable of that? Thanx for any help!!
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