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  1. I replaced all the tubes with a matched set of jj tubes. I use jj's in all my tube amps and they sound phenomenal. I thought about switching to a set of original tubes. But I hate to spend that money if it wont work. I did not keep the originals because they went bad and went so microphonic that the amp was almost unusable. That's why the original owner sold it. If it turns out to be a hardware issue Iam not sure what to do the nearest amp repair guy that I know of is close to 4 hours away. I live in The middle of nowhere. Do you have any other ideas Ian willing to try anything at this point.
  2. It happens with any guitar that is plugged in. I don't have active pickups on any guitars. I have tried different cables. I did a factory reset. Also using the amp in different locations did not help.
  3. For trouble shooting the setup is pretty simple. It's my ibanez jem straight into the amp no other effects pedals or anything. The digital static noise can be heard on all the clean presets on the amp. It does not matter what effects are on or off. The amp is dead quiet when I turn down the volume knob on the guitar. It's only when you are playing.
  4. Hello I have one of the old spider valve 212 combos. It is having a problem when playing clean. There is a faint digital static noise in the background when playing. It is only there when playing, it is silent otherwise. Its very annoying. I have changed tubes and rebiased the amp but still no luck. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this annoying digital static noise??? Any help would be great. Thanks
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