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  1. Found how to do factory reset, did it, and it didn't fix anything. Reverted to an older firmware and that didn't fix it either. Am planning on returning the amp tomorrow.
  2. I guess I should try the factory reset, but I can't find anywhere how to do this on the 75, just the 100x?
  3. Yes, I regular play my guitar on another amp for my jazz band and it works perfectly fine. And no, I don't have active pickups. And like I said, I used multiple guitars on the amp so it is EXTREMELY unlikely it's a problem with my guitar. Gonna give the amp another day or two to see if I can fix it or I'll return it and get a more reliable amp (the bluetooth disconnecting every 30 seconds when I use the app is obnoxious, which I could put up with if the amp worked).
  4. The amp works fine because I can use it to play music from my ipod - but it it's stopped working for the purpose I got it for, playing guitar. I've had it for about a week and I could play guitar through fine until yesterday. I can hear the cable noises from plugging it into jacks and when I tap on it, but when I play the strings (yes I made sure my volume's up) nothing comes out. Here's what I did to make sure it's a problem with the amp and not my equipment. -Used multiple guitars -Used multiple cables -Updated the firmware -Turned the amp on and off multiple times Does someone know how to fix this? Help please!
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