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  1. First I select the Line 6 Asio for Amplifi in the audio interface. Then I openthe mixer panel and clicking on each channel you can assign what you want to put on that channel. In my case I can choose between Amplifi stereo R/L, Amplifi Left, or Amplifi Right. I'm not sure what these options mean, because whatever I select nothing changes in term of sound. But anyway, when I select one of these, then FL studio feels my guitar when I play and I can also start recording. But at the same time, when I select one of these option (it doesn't matter which), the sound get weird.
  2. I mean... if I play without any program, just connecting my headphones to the Amplifi, all good. If I open FL Studio (just open), still good. In the exact moment when I put my guitar on one of the mixer channels in FL studio, than it becomes a bit more metallic and weird. The same obviously during the recording, and it is also recorded like this.
  3. The recording sounds exactly how I hear it while recording, which is different compared to the sound out of FL studio. Actually it's not only while recording, the sounds changes as soon as I assign the guitar to one of the channels of the mixer in FL studio.
  4. Ops, problem solved. I just had to download Line 6 ASIO usb driver :P Really thank you! But now I have another question. I have played a bit with the recording and when I play normally, I can hear my sound as I set it (I use headphones), but then as soon as I press Rec the sound seems weird, like double, and more metallic. Do you have any explanation for this_?
  5. Hi guys, I need some help. I've just bought the Amplifi Fx100 and I'm trying to record some guitar track on FL studio connecting the pedal board to my computer by USB, but... ...it doesn't work! The computer doesn't see the guitar at all. I anticipate I'm not an expert user of FL Studio (I've just started using it), so it maybe a problem of audio configurations or something like this. I have Asio4All and I have updated my Amplifi firmware. Thank you in advance!
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