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  1. thanks a lot for the reply, rmking60 sounds very similar except mine will not go away by power cycling. I put in a support ticket just to see if I could get any Line 6 feedback. At the very least I'm hoping to get a recommendation for an authorized service center. The usb/midi cables arrive tomorrow so hoping I might be able to tweak something to get it to go away. Would hate to have to scrap this thing. Happy new years! K
  2. Hi POD crowd, I'm hoping there's something I can do about this. I have been a quick-start, plug-and-play POD 2 user for years. I plugged it in recently and seemingly out of no where, it has this click that occurs every 3 seconds and seems to reverberate a little. The click is affected by any adjustments I make - like when I switch amps, it takes on the characteristics of that amp. If I switch to manual, and turn down the reverb, the sound changes accordingly. I can play over it but it's very, very audible. The unit seems to work in every other way except for this phantom click. I've switched cables and seemingly tried every knob and switch. I've tried factory resets. Tried the headphone output - sounds the same, even unattached to any amp. I've never tried to connect to the unit over USB/MIDI that I can remember. I just ordered a decent USB-to-MIDI cable in case I can try a firmware update or something like that. If I switch it to TUNER, the clicking stops. If I hold down SAVE on boot, it won't satrt clicking until I've selected A, B, C or D. Also just noticed that with headphones, the clicks are auto-panning from right to left. Damn annoying. It's just very odd that this would occur out of no where. It's like I stumbled on a super slow metronome function that won't shut off. Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks, K
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