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  1. Hello. I have encountered a little problem here. I re-charged my battery and put it back into the guitar. And pushed the models button. But the button doesn't light up and I hear nothing. Or the LED just flashes for a very brief moment and again nothing happens. Did I place the battery the wrong way or wasn't it fully charged at all? What the propper way to place the battery.?
  2. Yeps. It's done. I just ordered a Line 6 JTV-69 US custom in lake placid blue, alder bordy w/ maple neck and H-S-S config. Its soo awesome man.( I had to share this..)
  3. Just a few days..4 to be exact, and then im finally be able to order the Us custom JTV-69 guitar. Its soo awesome man.
  4. Oh that's a pitty. It doesn't matter. The jtv-69 comes with locking tuners..right? So that is basicly the same idea?
  5. Hi. I got another question. Is it also possible to have a locking trem. installed on the jtv-69 model, or is that a jtv-89 exclusive? Thanks.
  6. Hello. Not sure if this the right place for my question. But I want to know if the Us custom variax is still made, and how do you order/purchase these guitars? Is there some kind of form I have to fill in? And how does it take 'till its ready and shipped to europe? Thanks.
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