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  1. The AX2 isn't a backbreaker - my Kitty Hawk M1 has that distinction. Imagine a JCM800 with a 1X12 cab bolted to it... Wheels over heels for sure. This was supposed to be a cheap practice amp. When I tried it out, it was decent and cheap. All I need is a good clean sound, and the AX2 clean is really good. After fiddling with the gainy sounds, I was surprised to discover that some are not bad. Some are unusable as programmed, but a little tweaking gets 2 good gain sounds. After that, a few distortion pedals take care of the rest. The FX are best used minimally. I recommend this amp highly. It's durable, flexible, transportable, and cheap. It's also super-uncool. Perfect for me. I hate fake vintage, whether in gear or in actual music. As far as the 4 jack setup - I despise breakout cables. There's always an extra patch cable in my bag - a stereo cable is convenient, but it kind of locks you into its way of doing things. Best to all, J
  2. K- I was a little disappointed that this amp didn't have an FX loop, but now... That's it? 2 shielded splices between the outs on the FX board and the stereo master pot before the power amp section? And there's PLENTY of room to do it? This is the best mod since the casters I screwed into it. I plan on making it a normalled L/R IN, L/R OUT (4 jack) configuration. I bought this AX2 for $200 including a 3 year replacement warranty from GC, so it will void that $50 warranty, but WORTH IT! Of course, the levels will need to be adjusted from the inserted unit (Sony HR-MP5), but not a big deal. Simply adjust the input volume so that you get a nice, clean signal to send back to the loop return. The Sony has a programmable realtime output volume via MIDI, so it'll go past 11. I'd be willing to bet these FF guys just popped a less user-friendly Alesis Quadraverb in there after the modeler, because the block diagram and effects are virtually identical. Way more versatile than a used JC-120, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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