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  1. The strange thing is that when I installed Line6 products, some months ago, they worked in the proper way for a while, than they started to have this problem. My PC, software, router and firewall setting are still the same. Obviously I tried to disable them all, but nothing changed. Also trying to connect using License Manager fails. It seems like I'm trying to connect using a bad username/pw, but they are the same I use when I connect directly on the website and obviously they are correct. I also tried to change the password, but nothing changes.
  2. Ok, at least I tried both suggestions but nothing happens, the problem is still there. :angry:
  3. Hi all, when I try to use Monkey to update my POD HD PRO X it shows an error window (see the attached file). Obviously the username and password are correct. 1) I don't use popup blockers 2) I've disable antispyware 3) I've disabled antivirus 4) I've disabled firewall. Nothing changes and it still doesn't work. In the meantime I've downloaded the needed files and upgraded manually to firmware 2.62, monkey to 1.70, but still no connect. It seems not to be a big issue so I can still update manually, but the problem is that it seems that I cannot update USB firmware offline (monkey shows I'm stuck at 1.01 when the last version is 1.04 and the firmware update doesn't update the USB). What can I do? Any suggestion?
  4. I have disabled my AV: nothing. I have opened my firewall (on the router): nothing I have disabled my personal firewall (on the PC): nothing. Must I buy another PC only to authorize or update my HW products? Obviously it sounds crazy, isn't it? I'm a computer engineer so I'm not totally ignorant about connection issues, and these pieces of software are the only ones giving me problems. I'm happy with my POD-HD-PRO-X stuff, but if I have to be stuck due to annoying sw protection related problem....well I'll never buy Line6 products.
  5. Similar problem here (only the error message is slightly different) I was able to connect only the first time I installed Monkey, some months ago, since then I cannot connect either from Monkey and/or from License Manager. I've tried to disable firewall and antivirus, but nothing changes. When I sign up on the website it works fine. Obviously due to this problem I'm not able to upgrade to the last firmware and this is annoying...
  6. Hi, I've just bought a brand new Pod-HD-pro-X but as soon as I've put it on my desk I've found 2 little things not working in a proper way: 1) The 4 way nav pad is not firmly fixed. Let's say, it moves "softly" too much (mostly in the up-down directions, less in left-right). I can use it and push the 4 arrows and it works, anyway it is annoying in a brand new product. Is it normal it works this way? 2) When I push the Tap button, it remains stuck for a while before it comes back. Obviously it's a BIG problem trying to Tap a correct tempo. Are there DIY workarounds or have I to ask for a replacement? (Video attached) EDIT: I cannot upload video file, sorry.
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