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  1. Just got this from the open support ticket: Hi. Our test lab confirms this is a bug with some potential workarounds. I do not yet know when it will be fixed. It does appear that using Midi Memo Recorder to PLAY midi OUT or launching an app that sends MIDI OUT seems to trick functionality back into working. It seems that sometimes an iOS device restart is also needed. Unplugging/Replugging the Midi Mobilizer II also sometimes works. Try this.
  2. Hello Everyone, After opening a support ticket, I received a new MIDI Mobilizer from Line 6 today. It doesn't work on any device running iOS8. As I mentioned in my previous post this is not an issue with these devices using an iDevice to MIDI interface as they can use the i-MX1 with no issue. This thing is useless and I can't return it to the vendor at this point. Lame.
  3. I opened a support ticket for my MIDI Mobilizer II about this iOS 8 issue. The response from Line 6 was that they would send a replacement MIDI Mobilizer. I am still waiting on this, so I can't confirm if it was an issue with the hardware or iOS8. It should be noted that the representative at Line 6 said that he had never heard of this issue, so I gave him to the link to this forum. I am confused as to the point of posting to these forums if no one from Line 6 checking them for major issues like this. The MIDI Mobilizer is not working with any apps on iOS8 including the Line 6 provided MIDI Memo at this point and as far as I can tell it only did once for a few minutes. The school I work at went with the Yamaha i-MX1 and they are working fine across operating systems.
  4. I have the same problem. I tried this on an iPhone 4s and iPad 3 with iOS 8 and you can see the mobilizer but you cannot send messages. I bought these for the school I teach at. Luckily the iPads at the school are still running iOS 7 for now. They work perfectly. Is there any information available about an update at this point?
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