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  1. I just had this and it seemed to be because one set of usb ports on my PC (I have a lot) are essentially hubs. Just found the one that was the main usb and used that which fixed the issue straight away. It does seem that the latest updates are way more fussy about this as I have always used the hub usbs (because they are on the front of my PC as opposed to having to pull the whole thing out) previously. Hope that helps someone
  2. That's the idea. I've been using an XT Live for a few years and use it for recording both guitars and bass. I also use it live and despite peoples misgivings about it; it has worked flawlessly and I often (actually pretty much always) get comments from other guitarists about how good my sound is. I often put a 6505 on stage and plug the pedal into the effects return. This seems to confuse the whingy purists that spend more time and effort on tone and sweep picking than writing a good song or having fun. Ideally I'd like to be able to tour in one car with the drum kit (When are line 6 going to start building drummers) a guitar each, the Helix and two active monitors that can be used as backup/stage monitoring. :) Practicing and recording would be even more simple as we could just plug into it and the PA. More time for music and less time messing around.
  3. Hi, This should be a simple question and I apologise if it is already hidden in other posts. The Helix seems to have a lot of functionality but I've not seen this one answered in a straight forward way. Can I plug a bass and two guitars (three instruments) into it and have three different signal paths? We wouldn't need massive amounts of 'modules' (or whatever they are called) in each path so I'm not too worried about processing power. If I can do this then I'll sell 90% of the stuff I own and buy one today (if I can find somewhere in the uk that actually have them). This would be very useful for practicing and a lot of live situations. Thanks in advance Dan
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