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  1. Heey, Not too much of a techie here.. Soo a few weeks ago my amplifi 75 stopped working and all the lights started flashing.. I figured out this meant it needed to be updated, so that's what i tried. At first, everytime I updated it (tried it with and w/o putting it in update mode) it worked for a couple of minutes up to an hour or so, but then it'd give out this loud continuous beep and it'd revert back into all lights flashing and nothing else working.. now, everytime I try to reset/update it nothing happens. I tried updating it both with my ipad and laptop (windows 10, latest updater installed).. Anyone who has any idea how to fix this??? Getting pretty desperate right now. Thanks :) Douwe
  2. douwevdheijden, on 07 Feb 2016 - 12:59 PM, said: "Well, I fixed my problem by starting the amp in recovery mode (probably not needed but did it anyway) by holding tap and tone while turning the app on, then I pressed the bluetooth button and paired with my phone (i had previously removed the old pairing). Then I went to the AMPLIFI Remote and updated the firmware. That was it, it works again" -- Thanks, but I already tried this :(
  3. Having the exact same problem.. tried updating/resetting it about at least 10 different times, with both an ipad and laptop. Everytime I do it either doesn't work, or stays stable for a few minutes up to an hour and then reverts back into recovery mode. If you happen to find a solution I'm all ears :) Douwe
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