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  1. Mhmm, I'm beginning to think it's because I have the express model instead of the shortboard. Am I right?
  2. Hey all, I'm having trouble activating my looper mode on my POD HD Pro X. I've just purchased the FBV MKII pedal and was delighted to see that since I now own it, I can activate the looper mode. The guides talk all about the fact that I can do it but don't ever explain how exactly the activate it! Absolutely killing me. Any pointers?
  3. It seems the printer was the problem after all! Got any pointers on how I can get my POD on to it's own master controller?!
  4. Hey guys, thanks so much for your replies. I had a little brain flash last night and remembered a piece of software I hadn't actually installed within this month, but sorted out my login details for it so it would run constantly in the background. That's the only thing I could think of that was new, except a printer (which you had mentioned above), but that was around 3 months ago now. I've deleted the program and so far so good. I shall let you know of the progress! If it reverts back to it's old ways I'll have a go at everything else you guys have suggested. Thanks for such a quick reply! p.s. The program was Raptr btw, I don't know if anyone else has had problems with it before?
  5. I've had my POD hd pro x for about a year now. Not had any problems with it at all until recently. Sometimes I have to restart it for my sound to kick in, having to restart programs if the sound isn't on, and now it's happening while recording. I had 3 crashes in a row while trying to record some tracks, mainly when I'd gone into the tuner and back out again. Anyone had this problem at all? Sounds like something is faulty with it as it's not happened for a year until recently. Think it's worth seeing if my warranty is still in place?
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