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  1. Hello everyone, I just got the Mobile Keys 25 controller, which I'm using for my iPad 1 (yes, you read that right). I'd also like to use it as a controller for my desktop rig, which is Digital Performer 7 on an intel Mac desktop (OS 10.6.8). The problem is with the sustain pedal. The sustain pedal works properly on my iPad when I'm using the Music Studio app. But when I use the keyboard as a controller in Digital Performer, the sustain pedal does not work. Everything else seems to work fine: pitch and mod wheels as well as volume and pan knobs. Oh, I'll add that that I seem to have the same problem on my PC (with Windows Pro 7): the keys play fine but the sustain pedal has no effect. I tested the MK 25 using a stand-alone version of Kontakt on this machine. Any ideas of how I might remedy this? Thank you!
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