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  1. geebeeriou


    Hi I just discovered that my Sony headphones don't fit!!! Does anyone know what size jack it is?
  2. geebeeriou

    Using Tones

    So if I put them on zero I should be okay. Thanks!!
  3. geebeeriou

    Using Tones

    Hi when you use tones, is it possible to use them with all the knobs (on the amp) set to zero, if not what are the best settings to use, so as not to interfere with the selected tone?
  4. That was lucky, I had an old printer USB lying around. Job done!!
  5. Where can I get a USB Cable to fit my AMP75? Apparently I need to update the firmware via a PC, before the Remote App can recognise my Amp:( After paying a shed load of money for it, you'd think they would have supplied one. My first experience with this Amp has not been a good one, as I wasted a few hours trying to find out why it was not doing what I paid it to do...lol
  6. First post is always the most important.:)
  7. I need to have another post so that I can post a new topic, is it ok to post it here?
  8. Hi My amp is not showing in the Android App, although I have signed in with my account, and connected via Bluetooth. Am I missing something? Please help.
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