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  1. Ha, thanks boys. Yes none of any of our gear better look "new". The nicks and scratches and worn out gear does add character and the good gear always sounds perfect and holds up. This on the other hand is a bit different. Doesn't have to look perfect but at lead something better than what it is now :) That amp is pretty special. It's not your normal Line 6 DT50 112. I'll explain once I get it fixed.
  2. Thought about that Brazzy and let's hope not. I have not touched the amp since I took it out of the box. Sitting in the same spot. Once I get the amp out we will see. Fingers crossed. Ughhhh
  3. Thanks egkor...I appreciate it. I send my buddy, who is a woodworking expert, the photots and he says it's very doable. Just worried about the Tolex and if we can repair well enough so it's not noticeable and seamless. We will give it a go.
  4. Thanks spaceatl....great post. What happened...well I would love to find out as well. Let 's just say the damage wasn't caused by me. I've sent the photos to some authorized Line 6 service and a couple responded saying they talked to Line 6 and a new Cab would take 6-8 weeks since it's a special order item and could run anywhere from $200-$350 to replace. Someone did say they would try and repair it for $100-$200 but have no idea how it would look as the seam may show pretty well. I wish you were closer to me. I'm guessing you are somewhere in the South - Atlanta or Alabama. Run up to Chicago and assist. I'll take care of you...especially if you golf :-) I've never taken the amp out of the Cab but am willing to try and see if one of my wood working buddies can go to work on it. I guess I'll be watching some youtube videos and reading on how to get the amp out. It hasn't moved since I took the wrapping off it. Thanks for the suggestions. Hit me up if you are coming north anytime soon.
  5. While transporting my DT50, which was wrapped very well, I was saddened to see that the top left corner of the cab split front to back. I want to get it fixed obviously and have reached out to some authorized Line 6 dealers in the area. Waiting to hear back. Wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with this and wondering the cost, process. Thanks!
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