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  1. Thanks, will have a look. Didn't even see that button >_<
  2. Hi, I'm quite new to the POD 500hdx and I'm just playing around with it and learning about it, slowly. But, I'd really like to have a working patch for lead guitar and the typical metal patch. Mine tend to .. not work optimal at all frequencies. If you can share yours, I'd be quite happy. Metal is metal, just something that sounds good. Mine tends to sound lollipop on the E string no matter what I do. (Added a EQ but didnt help much. And my amp has gone off to get repaired.. ). The lead patch I'm looking for is the typical warm solo sound. Are there more active sites for sharing patches btw? As this seems to be a bit dead at times :P Thanks for any help!
  3. Can I fry an amp using the pod 500hdx? :P My marshall dsl40c won't give out any sound. All lights are as it should. I get static when turning up the sound (Wanted to see if the speaker made sound). (Tried different cables, connection straight into the amp) Thanks again
  4. Thanks guys, will see what I can find!
  5. After changing the cable to the amp, rebooting and changing the setting to Line, it now sounds a lot better. I got a bit of .. noise, but I guess I'll tweak around till I find it! Kinda embarrassing.. But I appreciate the help a lot ! Thanks!
  6. Got the headphones working. Just removed all cables and replugged, now it sounds fine and dandy! Plugged in on the front input. Amp setting. Removed all distortion on the marshall. Sounds veeeery distorted and low. Yeah, Reading the manual but didn't get any help from it yet when it comes to this subject in particular. But yeah, I do recognize the need to read it. Settings on the POD; Input, Guitar. Output, Combo Pwr Amp (tried everything, not sure what is the correct setting however). Really appreciate the help, and quite impressed how ..fast you answered... Thanks again
  7. Hi, I got my Pod 500hdx in the mail today, along with my Marshall DSL40c. Trying to plug it all together , but the sound coming out of the Marshall is VERY low and sounds really distorted (even more so if I turn up), same if I try using headphones (Were I only get sound on one ear). Connected with Jack cables, using the Guitar input and and 1\4 mono left (or right) output. Appreciate any help I can get. Mind you, I'm a newbie when it comes to all of this fancy equipment , clearly. Thanks!
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