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  1. Hi there I had a sv head mki and sv combo mki when I stated the playing guitar. I have very great memory from those days. I'm looking for a modern high gain metal tone and I have tasted different amp (blackstar.peavey.marshall.line6) In around 200$ there are others option like boss katana and Yamaha thr10x. Which one is a better choice?! Spider valve mkii 112 Boss katana 50w Yamaha thr10x?? Thanks
  2. Thank u so mush dude... I like native but I'm willing to buy a helix LT. Because I'm always thinking LT should makes a better tone. I have a great computer with a fine cpu and a Scarlett 2i2. Can native and these things(my computer & 2i2) make a similar tone to helix hardware?!? If I want a same tone as LT should I buy something else?!?
  3. Sorry if it's asked before I'm using native about a month and I find it very great. Somehow one of the best amp Sims on the markets. Just a little fuzzy and thin. I'm selling my 6505 112 because my main focus is on recording at home and native almost is responding all of my needs. My question is : Is there any hardware that I can buy and improve my native sound?!? For example I'm using Scarlett 2i2 and I heard 2i2 has a weak preamp. Should I buy a preamp ?!? Or should I change my 2i2?!? I don't have a di box and somehow I'm satisfied with my line in or high Z input of my 2i2. Is di box a must have gear?!? Does di box makes a noticeable difference in my tone?!? Any suggestions for adding a gear to improve native tone?!? Specially high gain tone... Thanks guyZ...
  4. I now it's a wired topic. recently I was tweaking with helix native but it didn't make me satisfied. I tried some Irs from rozen digital (1960 vintage) and it make my tone a little better. But still I can't understand why I have to pay 400$ for native in case it doesn't make much difference with a free plugin like poulin (lextac , lecto , legion). Some times I feel lextac with a tse 808 and an Ir has a better tone than native. I'm I alone here?!? Generally I can't enjoy from amp Sims(bias , amplitube , guitar rig , revalver , th3) I found native tone fizzy and thin. Should I use a pre amp before my interface to make helix native tone more realistic?!? Or change my 2i2 focusrite with a better interface?!? Or use a di box?!? Or what... Thanks guyZ....
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