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  1. When this happened to me it ended up being the screen calibration - had to recalibrate the touchscreen. http://line6.com/support/topic/3939-calibraterecalibrate-touch-screen-on-m20d/?hl=screen
  2. OK - Follow these instructions at your own risk. Here's what I discovered after my broke OUT OF WARRANTY... then could NOT get a call-back from the Flint, Michigan area Line 6 authorized repair center. NOT LINE6's fault - but not a good thing that the local center did not return my calls after leaving messages on their voicemail 2 days in a row. Now that's I'm done complaining... here's the scoop I needed my HD500 for a show the same day it broke. I even called the local Guitar Centers to buy another one til I could fix this one. I have a full blown pedal board I could have used - but I love the ease and tones of the HD500. The picture on the right is a composite of 2 seperate picts that Jônatas/freaker sent me of his issue. Exactly the same problem I had. I know exactly when mine broke - it got hit from the side from another piece of gear being packed near it. The switch is NOT soldered onto the board...it is held in by friction. If it were soldered in, it could damage the board if it gets jarred' like this again. However, the PINS on the circuit board were NOT holding my switch into place well enough for me to have confidence that they were going to hold, so... I was VERY VERY careful to let a small drop of solder "fall" into place where I spread the pins apart to hold the clips in place. I AM NOT INSTRUCTING YOU TO USE SOLDER. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK - AS YOU COULD CAUSE SERIOUS IRREVERSABLE DAMAGE. That being said - I did it on mine and am happy knowing that it is not going to fall out of the clips again..and knowing I need to seriously protect the switch with loading in and out of venues and in the vehicle to and from shows. MAKE SURE THE MOULDING IN BLUE LINE UP WITH THE INDENTATIONS IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SWITCH. Place the switch on the green plastic controller and carefully spread the pins in RED apart to hold the switch in place into the indentations that line up with pins. Gently rock the switch off axis to see if it will hold. MINE DID NOT HOLD. That's why I made the decision to solder it and BE very careful with this switch from now on. Contact me on the forums here if you do this and it works for you. Mine is used several times a week and holding strong. Good luck guys....(and girls) Larry
  3. if you never found a solution to your broken selector switch issue, I was able to repair mine. Post here if you want the solution on how to repair it.
  4. excellent idea...have 5 apps... the current one.... plus 4 more Mon 1 Mon 2 Mon 3 Mon 4 That would do it...!
  5. Thank you ArneLine6... That is what I was planning to do until there is a new version of the app....which I am sure many would enjoy the new feature I have suggested...hint hint.... thanks you
  6. Love the mixer, love the app. However..... It looks like all ipads that connect to m20D have access to entire mixer settings. This would be very cool..... Allow each ipad that connects to limit the access to only what that ipad needs. The sound engineer would of course get EVERYTHING...but why should everyone else? It would just be AWESOME if an option to limit access to MONITOR 1 MIX or MONITOR 2 MIX was available. Then, some silly guitar player, like me, would not accidently mess with the wrong monitor mix while trying to adjust my IEM... Plus, I should as a guitar player, never have access to the main mix, the settings, the recoding features...JUST THE MONITOR 1 MIX. Opinions anyone? Again...I am a huge fan of the M20D....just not a fan of the app being wide open for every band member using an ipad to have access to elements of the mix they should not be able to access....
  7. Let's be more specific... There are a limit of 4 unique monitor mixes coming out of the M20D. Plus the main stereo mix. If you have other methods of blending a source signal uniquely with each of the Monitor outs at the transmitter - then kudos! I have 2 in ear systems personally, the Shure and the Galaxy. The SHURE transmitter does allow me to loop 2 more inputs, such as a mic or line out of guitar and mix it on the transmitter. I prefer personally to use the Galaxy...better sound, cheaper, stereo...but I also have the Behringer PM16 I was using prior to getting the M20D. But since the M20D does not have direct outs for 16 channels....I MUST use the ipad and monitor mixer to create exactly what I need to hear. I'm sure there are many other ways to potentally configure this, but in the end...there's 4 monitor mixes plus a stereo main out - that's it. Hey Line 6 Guys - can the ipad ap be updated to allow a single monitor mix...?
  8. use fhe 4. monitor outs and send each individually to a seperate transmitter each with its own receiver. each transmitter needs its own monitor mix... of which the m20d will give you 4 you cant get 4 seperate mixes from 1 transmiiter sending to 4 receivers think of it just like powered floor monitors... Hey Line6 Staff... the ipad ap lets each ipad user mix thier own monitor mix... but i really wish the ap would create 5 user codes...and assign the access to the m20d based on code entered. the five codes would go as follows... 1 - access to all features as it does now 2 thru 5... access to monitor mix only and only a single monitor mix. that was the drimmer would not be able to mess with the guitar players monitor, etc.
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