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  1. yeah. line 6 tech support says its cuz i have a custom pc... maybe ill update my bios firmware.
  2. im using win7pro SP1 64 bit. i am not getting any option to continue. i had a similar problem with adb drivers, but was able to find an alternate driver that worked.
  3. i turned off antivirus and firewall and still get the same message.
  4. i am getting thew following error: The Publisher of an Authenticode signed catalog has not yet been established as trusted.
  5. hi all, first time post here. i was able to get some info from this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/11549-new-yamaha-variax-and-other-namm-news/ i am interested in picking up a variaxe for my next guitar. i would like to make an informed decision, but there is not much info out there for this new standard build. does it have more models, or less? has anyone played one of these? interested in hearing about how the board feels (sticky bends, height of frets etc.). i know yamaha is in the mix now, just wondering what they brought to line 6. was hoping someone might be able to enlighten me, like what you would do in my situation etc. ive played a variaxe once, and really liked it. hoping this new build doesnt stray too much from whatever i played before.
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