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  1. Yes Ive read the manual. In fact I will probably reread it again just to see if I missed something or maybe something will click. Thanks for the advice about the MkII Express and Shortboard pedal. I will ask the guitar shop today and see what they have in store. I know last time he mentioned something about the desktop Pod as an option as well. I really just dont know what I need exactly. I should have bought the the 75 watt one instead. Seems like most people went that route instead of the 30w
  2. Line 6 30 watt is the first amp I ever bought and I bought it last week. Its complicated because of the lack of tones it offers. I'm looking for a Tom Petty tone and I am not finding anything in the file sections. Do I need to buy the Pod or HD to upload users custom tones? Or is there a way around this somehow that I'm just not understanding? Ive been adjusting and playing with settings. Something isn't quite clicking and it may be me and my frustration level. Any help is appreciated. Thank You.
  3. I just registered my amplifier and wanted to let you know that I am not experiencing any issues on my phone or laptop searching for tones. I was looking for Tom Petty tones...Typed in "Petty" and found like 65 settings. Ive noticed people are just using song names instead of band names. Which makes it kind of complicated at times.
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