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  1. i thought you could use UX2 solely with POD FARM 2 to have sound input come out, to be creative, to play with the sounds, to have some fun i havent even got reason limited which came with the product sorted out yet, i havent even got sound in order to figure out what and how i wanna record anything i dont even know what the enable 4 - line 6 UX2 is even for, it just exists when you open POD farm it overrides any settings from the Line6 Audio Midi control panel, yes, its very convenient going back and forth all the time trying to figure out whats going on the microphone doesnt work through the UX2 device through POD farm i have my UX2 device i have my inputs, mic, guitar jack, headphones, my POD Farm open, my guitar works, the microphone doesnt work
  2. Hi, could someone help me out here? not sure what to do?? is it my computer or a faulty device I recently bought UX2 POD Studio to record vocals and guitar, the microphone is dead to this device, no sound, dials dont move, i have been through the set up and preferences so many times im over it im using a shure beta 87a dynamic microphone, i have tested it on my PA Amp it works fine, i have used two different cables, nothing. my guitar is coming through no problem i have tried the microphone alone through Tone A, i have tried both mic ports, i have tried with and without phantom power i have turned the knobs all up full i have gone through the setup and read support forums so many times, i have gone through it time and time again, i cannot see how this device will pick up my microphone, frustrating, all i wanna do is record my songs and get to it here are my screen shots of my preferences what are your thoughts? thanks in advance
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