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  1. I love my jtv59 and dt50 and I'm generally satisfied with the modeling of both pieces of gear. I would like to have some more freedom at creating sounds. Being able to load my own Impulse Response files and such would open a lot of possibilities.
  2. I switched out my tubes and was getting readings all over while doing the bias test. I got the v1 set to 25mV then while setting V3 the tube blew and so did the tube protection fuse. How can I get the BIAS pot back to a central spot so I can sort of start from scratch? If I BIAS with blown tubes does that give bad readings or will it still measure the voltage so I can at least get the BIAS pot back to something near factory? Thanks for your help.
  3. I just got my DT25 112 combo. I'm playing my Variax JTV-59 through the amp. I am going straight in. No POD. I cannot get any output from the A channel. The B channel is jamming but when switch to A I have no output no matter how high I crank the volume, master, drive, etc. Am I missing something simple? Or is something wrong with my amp? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I have a Variax JTV-59 and just recently got the 500x. I already have the Line 6 Spider Valve 212 MKII. Now, I am debating about getting the DT50 to complete this synergistic rig. However, having played through a DT50 with a Variax and 500x at my local retailer and admittedly, I like the Spider Valve better. My question is this: is there any way possible to get the POD to control the Spider Valve in the way that it does the DT amps with the L6 link and all of that? I want to keep my Spider Valve really bad but, I really want to be able to switch channels and stuff with the POD 500x. Any help is greatly appreciated. I cannot make this decision without knowing if there is a way. Mike
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