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  1. Hmm.. my amp is not more than 2m behind me, my pod go 6 in front of me. So if i turned to the amp, i am not more than 2m away from my pod go. And why the receiver and transmitter must see each other? I think there is no reason for that with this wireless technology. You should able to play if there is a small wall between the transmitter and receiver. Maybe i am wrong?
  2. Hello, I buyed the Pod GO Wireless. I used it in three different locations and i had always drop outs. One location was wide and tall, the other boths where one bigger room and one smaller room. The battery light is green, the battery is full. After playing a while (20min) i get drop outs, connection is lost. Mostly when i stand with my guitar in front of my 100W Amp and play really loud, the connection get lost. If i turn away the guitar fronm the amp, connection is found again.When i play at home, it works fine. COuld it be that loudness has an impact on function of the wireless system?
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