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  1. Eureka, I have almost solved all the problems. And for sure with your help. After reading your different comments, A light came inside my so tired Brain. (Actually, I am able to associate all the parameters of the Helix Native to all the physically Knobs switches and sliders of my Keyboard Oxygen 49. To summarize in Ableton I followed the following process: 1°/ On preference Midi I selected my Oxygen 49 as control's surface and set the remote buton at on. 2°/ I select the Helix VST and expand it on the bottom of the page and...Miracles, all the settings appeared (Knobs switches and sliders...) (That's this point that open my automation understanding) 3°/ I select the Midi selection Buttons and attribut one of the slider to the input volume. 4°/ I arm the automation button and the Rec Button, and I was able to record the input volume on my Audio tracks.... And after reflexion, It is more easy to use my keyboard for automation than the Footswitch of Helix... b(No need to be sit on my carpet to activate the switch... ah ah ah) So One more time, thank you to all of you to have light a Candle in my Brain ah ah ah Have fun and Long live to the Line6 forum... Cheers from Swiss Xourel
  2. Thank you all for your answers. What is strange is that with Guitar Rigg or Amplitube, the management of the Midi was done through the VST. I have seen a midi page with different CC channels in Live 9, but the attributions seems to be possible only to manage the Functions of the DAW. the slider, the Pan and so on, but not the Function of the VST... If you have other tips advices and so on, don't hesitate... :)
  3. Dear Line 6 teams . I am interesting to buy Helix Native software, but I have questions regarding the management of the automations. With the Helix Native software, we a re able to manage automation throughs different Knob s and switches. My question is: How can I link this Knobs and switches to physical knobs and switch (from a Keyboard or from the Helix controller)? And how can I link the pedal of the Helix controller to my DAW to use it as controller for automation? I use Ableton Live 9 standard. (Before, I used the Guitar Rigg 3 controller and I remember that it was possible to use the pedal and the switch as external controller.) Thank you in advance Cheers
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