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  1. Is the TBP12G the only model with "power save" feature? I am being told a 90 day wait to buy a separate belt pack for additional guitars. Why is the G model not readily available but thye vocal model is? Is that because Line 6 is overstocked with these mic models and trying to clear them out? I like the power save feature because it adds 2hrs of battery time at close range which is where I always am and it also has a feature for naming the unit to match the instrument or the user etc. Mic model does not have this either.
  2. Yes I did already did see that at Sweetwater, however I didn't see a mention on the powersave feature plus they will not ship that particular item to Canada. The problem I have with my local dealer is they showed me a popup notice on the Line 6 site instructing them to refer to the Microphone model and to advise buyers to switch to RF1 mode for use with guitar. This has me suspecting that Line 6 is trying to move stock that is sitting. I would like to see a confirmation or clarification on this from Line 6. I prefer to have multiples of the same power saving version of the beltpack that came with the G50 package. Only if I am told that this model is discontinued will I settle for the microphone version but I am really not interested in the multiple mic settings since I will never use it for vocals.
  3. I own a G50 wireless and the belt pack pack that came in the box has a power save feature which will start out fresh batteries showing 10 hours battery life remaining. On regular mode it shows 8 hours like all of the other TBP units. Also, this pack can have a name or number text programmed into it. I want to know if this exact unit is available as a separate purchase on its own withouth the reciever. Right now the only models i can find now are marketed for microphones and described as "guitar friendly". I am looking to add a belt pack for each guitar I use live but I want the same model as the original. Does anyone know if this is possible or if this unit is only exclusively available with the full combo package? Or if this is a discontinued item and I just need to settle for the VD70 or 75 or whatever is available...
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