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    Problem with Spider III HD 150 head?

    thanks for the input. I have tried the factory reset, tried disconnecting/reconnecting everything, played with all of the knobs, checked different outlets, tried different guitars, everything in the book etc. I think I am going to take it in to a shop and have them deal with it.
  2. I have a Line 6 Spider III HD 150 head and run it through the Line 6 4-12 cab it came paired with. I always have both left and right head outputs hooked up to the corresponding left/right inputs on the cab, I never run it mono because I heard it can blow the head. anyway, just lately something strange has started happening. when I turn my amp on and start to play, it will play perfectly fine for the first 10 seconds. and then all of the sudden, it seems like the distortion/gain cuts in half. I have tried switching it to a different channel, and it will play fine for about 5 seconds after I switch the channel but then it will end up doing the same thing. I can especially hear it on palm muted notes, they sound like they are being played with very little gain/distortion at all. has anybody experienced something like this? any ideas what it could be and/or how to fix it? Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time!!!